More than a band The Lucky Trail is a musical project. Family history, a fruit of musicians meeting in Paris, The Lucky Trail is a Hard Rock band.
It consists on Alain Jumel on guitar, Nicolas Croci on bass and Axel Pascolo on vocals.

The band was formed in 2014 by guitarist Alain Jumel.
The Lucky Trail intends to continue to delight and share its music with the world while keeping their inspirations and compositions fresh. 

The Lucky Trail had already presented themselves at the Batofar, Backstage O'Sullivan, New Morning, L'Empreinte of Savigny Le Temple, Mennecy, Bretigny sur Orge's Rack'am, Le Plan of Ris Orangis, La Comedia of Montreuil, the Gibus ... and very often at the Quartier Général of Oberkampf. 

You can now find The Lucky Trail at home with their very first EP “Follow The Path” prepared in collaboration with the Halle du Rock in Evry.

The most important thing for us is to seize every experience possible.
Our project's goal is to give priority to inspiration and freedom of expression.

Come and join us in our universe full of energy and positive vibes!

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